Frequently asked Questions

We have a dedicated and diligent team of professional writers who not only write unique, relative content but also perform the necessary keyword densities and on and off-site optimization for increased search engine traffic. We focus on quality keywords, links, and use SEO tactics to ensure that the content on your site is professional and performs well.

We select appropriate websites, forums, blogs, and other venues based on their domain strength, ranking power and or referral traffic potential. We only publish material on websites that are relevant to your niche and or will increase your rankings, but don't worry; we utilize every professional online venue available to get your site ranked with white hat SEO practices.

Your keywords can be found in your monthly SEO report package.

The keywords we choose is an SEO tactic we call the waterfall technique. We cross reference the content on a particular page of your website, against your current rank in Google.  We chose three types of keywords or phrases based on these factors. Low volume specific and relevant keywords and phrases, med volume and high volume very competitive. By building the low and med volume keywords, we then begin to see the high-volume words come into play. Once we have the high-ranking words key phrases in play, we can start to add them to our plan.

Our Research teams chose the keywords that best fit your industry, location and will have the best chance to provide result in the shortest period.

We do extensive research on your industry related topics and target services. We use a variety of research tools that allows us to see exactly how people are searching in your area for your services. We will take suggestions regarding keywords, but we will choose the keywords that will get your traffic and in turn get you more business. Getting you in front of your target audience is our goal, and we choose the keywords based on our expertise that will do just this. Your keywords will be evaluated quarterly by our SEO team and the needed adjustment made to optimize your ranking results

The website will take typically 3-4 weeks to be completed; we will be in contact throughout the process and will notify you by email to view your 1st draft.Base on your cooperation and timely responses to our requests for review this estimate may vary.

Normally website edits and design are not part of the SEO plan unless we have suggested it for conversion optimization of your website traffic. We can do edits and changes however they may be an additional charge based on the request.  You can send in any pictures you would like on the website to clientsupport@elocalsolutions.com

Yes, as long as you are a elocal Solutions client, we will monitor your website's security and performance. We will back up the website and perform monthly maintenance as needed. If we find that we need to address an issue and it's not covered in the basic maintenance of your plan, we will contact you to discuss and address the issue.

To check where you are ranking on the search engines we will provide you monthly ranking reports in the progress meetings.