Google Webmaster Tools: The Key to Your Website’s Success

As a website owner, you naturally seek out ways to improve your site’s performance and visibility on the WWW. You hire a web developer to create great-looking pages. You get the services of a content manager and SEO expert to ensure that your web content will be valuable and visible on search engines. You hire writers and graphic artists so that each of your website’s pages will be interesting.

So where does the Google Webmaster Tools come into the picture? Why use it when you have the best minds working for you? The answer is plain and simple. Google Webmaster Tools gives you guidelines and insights that no other tool can provide.

Using Google Webmaster tools allows the king of browsers to index your site’s content faster. Once the Google bots crawl your website, it will identify and rate your website according to the standards set by Google. This is why you need to pay attention to the keyword density of your articles (too many keywords is frowned by Google); originality of content (both images and text) etc.

Not to mention that proper use of Google Webmaster tools can boost your site’s SEO. It can show you the number of visitors on a daily basis; identify the keywords that boost your website traffic; assess your performance as an author and so much more.

Google Webmaster Tools may not promise you a successful business, but it can help you achieve success for your website.