Social Media Marketing

What Is Social Media Management?

A quality social media strategy involves more than putting up a few random posts about your business or local events related to target audience. Our team can implement a social media strategy meant to increase your followers, while also increasing traffic to your website. We monitor the interactions with each post, tweaking your social media posts to be seen by your audience when they are most likely to be online. Our content team looks at the current topics of interest in your industry and crafts social media with quality links that are engaging for your audience. With our social media marketing management team, we follow and adjust our strategy to grow your business through social media interactions with your potential and repeat customers.

Integrated Processes for Maximum Impact

Our team combines SEO, content, and social media strategies to create the greatest impact with your social media posts. We focus on what your audience is interested in and create content to match those interests while highlighting the solutions your business can provide.

With our digital marketing solutions, eGlobal Web Solutions can effectively reach your audience across a variety of platforms, at both the local and global levels. Our social media approach is implemented as part of your overall global digital marketing strategy and designed to meet your unique goals for your business. If you are ready to up your social media process for maximum impact, then now is the time to connect with eGlobal Web Solutions.

Your Search for the Best Social Media Management
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eGlobal Web Solutions provides an all-encompassing social media strategy that focuses on providing quality content, meaningful engagement, and measurement for your business. Our team creates posts and content that support the needs of your audience, giving them the information that they want, while also building connections with current and future customers.

It is about empowering your business to meet the needs of your customers by attracting the right people into conversations that get them talking about your products and services. Engaging your followers by presenting insights and value, so they can see how your products and services solve their problems, while also providing support to empower your customers to have a successful experience with your business.

As people share their experiences and engage with your business online, they will attract new prospects to your organization, thus building up the momentum of your business. eGlobal Web Solutions can provide the support that your business needs to grow and build a sustainable loop with your customers, both now and into the future.

Social Media Platforms eLocal Helps Manage

Our social media management means that we can assist you on all the major social media platforms to reach your audience where they hang out online. We customize your posts to meet the guidelines of the platform, as well as monitoring overall engagement. Plus, we can help you to expand your social media presence on other platforms that fit in line with your overall digital marketing strategy. Let us assist you in growing your online presence today.

eLocal’s Social Media Management Services


Standard Social

$259 /month

  • 1 strategic researched and professionally written Social Media posts per week
  • Social posts scheduled to all platforms of social media requested.
  • Follow other businesses to increase engagement
  • Post any specials or events
  • Reevaluation of target market, KPI’s and goals based on engagement of posts as needed
  • Quarterly reports

Social Ad Boost

Call For Pricing

  • Post boosting on FB to target market
  • Boost dollars spent are actual dollars and must accompany a social media plan
  • Analytics and reports on ad spend monthly

Why Choose eLocal for Your Social Media Management

With our seasoned team of professional content creators and SEO experts, we can manage your social media to target your ideal audience, while organically growing your followers and increasing engagement. Our digital marketing and social media packages can be customized to meet the needs of your business now and in the future. We focus on your business goals and provide social media management that supports those goals.