Google Webmaster Tools: Why Rely on It for Your Website’s Success?

If there’s one important tool that a website owner like you need, it’s the set of Google Webmaster Tools. It has a plethora of features that you can use to improve the SEO and page ranking of your site. But why Google? Aren’t other tools just as good?

Yes, there are other tools out there, all boasting of multiple features that promise to improve your site’s performance. So why choose Google? What are its features?

  1. Search Queries. This shows you what you need to know about your website’s traffic and ranking keywords.
  2. Data with Change. Activating this button in the Search Queries allows you to see what is currently happening on your website. You can see graphs and figures change second by second.
  3. Still in the Search Queries area, this feature ranks your keywords according to the number of visitors a specific keyword drives into your website. Install a keyword density plug-in and you can enhance your content even more. Link a keyword to an online listings site and you triple the benefits.
  4. Top pages. Like keywords, your pages are ranked according to most number of visitors.
  5. Author stats. If you do guest posting, then the author stats is definitely for you. You can use it to track the performance of your guest posts by showing you which ones are driving more visitors to your site. Not to mention that Google attaches your photo next to your post’s meta tag. Remember that in the World Wide Web, a name with a face is more credible.

These are just some features of the Google Webmaster Tools. Use it to increase your website traffic.