The Benefits of Google Webmaster Tools for Your Website

Although most people are internet-savvy nowadays, there are still those who are not aware of what browsers, most particularly Google, can do for their websites.

Here’s a thought. Google is being used to search almost 50,000 queries every single second. That translates to millions of queries every single day. These searches are made by real people with real needs. They search for anything and everything, from shoes to food to valet services.

However, studies show that people do not typically go beyond page 5 of Google pages when searching for something. This means that people will not find your website if it happens to be in page 25.

But how can your website land the top pages of Google? Simple. You use SEO and try to become friends with the mighty king of browsers. One of the best ways to tame the king is to use the Google Webmaster Tool. No worries, because it is free of charge.

Google Webmaster Tools: How it can help your website

When you use Google Webmaster Tools, you will have the following advantages:

  1. Learn which pages to enhance or use for conversions. The Search Queries, one of the features of the Google Webmaster Tools, gives you reports where you can see how many readers visited your site and which pages they frequent. With this information, you can enhance your audience’s least favored pages and use the frequented pages to show ads or important information about your website.
  1. You can maximize your content. The Query Metrics, on the other hand, shows you the keywords that are ranking in the browsers and driving that much needed website traffic. Knowing this will help you pattern your website’s content according to the preference of your audience. For example, if “cheap electrical appliances” is the keyword that brings more visitors to your website, you can create a series of content revolving around that topic. Don’t get carried away though, because to Google, keyword density matters. So try to use your keywords as seamlessly as possible.
  1. Increase website traffic. For instance, the Click through Rates shows you how many clicks were made in your content. Fewer clicks mean only a small number of visitors are frequenting a specific page. This may be partly due to hazy Meta tags. Thus, a little tweaking of your Meta description is necessary to improve your website’s performance.
  1. You can see where you went wrong. Google uses a web crawling bot to facilitate indexing. Since it is programmed according to Google’s standards, it reports errors such as pages that are missing or inaccessible, server errors, etc.

Using Google Webmaster Tools can provide your website with multiple benefits. However, you must commit yourself to spending a portion of your time to learn how to use it effectively.