The Dangers of Google+ Page Removal

Every online business has got to take advantage of any valued yet free resource that can help enhance their online presence in some way. It is true that there are a lot of free business related “free giveaways “online that have no real value. These are often used as a hook to entice the user to opt into paid services.

Aside from these, there are also some excellent free resources that have some great purposes to them. A good example of these is the free SEO business reports. While anyone using these types of SEO reports at no cost have the option to opt into other related services, the free offering has some great value and potential use to them. This of course is only true if these Free SEO business reports are comprehensive and accurate.

Another great and free resource is some of the social media platforms like Google+. However, now Google is updating their offering of this platform and are becoming more stringent with their rules. They have recently announced that they will be removing any Google+ pages that have not been verified for the business. This relates to the Google My Business Accounts. The purpose of Google doing this is because they want valid pages on the platform that allows simple use of the tools they supply.

The bottom line is that Google+ will shut down the GMB affiliated pages that have not been married up with user accounts and have not been verified.

It is most difficult to keep up with how businesses are presented on the web. Many times owners forget what they have signed up for or what business listings they have. Or perhaps they have used marketing services in the past and have not received reports as to what search engine optimization was completed for them.

This is all very important information that every online business owner should be aware of. Yet it can be quite a challenge to gather this information. This is where SEO reports are full of value. When you can rely on an offering of free SEO business reports then it saves you both time and money. The content of these reports helps to paint a clear path of where you should proceed with your search engine optimization for the future.

Unknowingly being removed from the GMB for Google is a dangerous happening because of the potential business that this type of platform can bring into a site. This just may be one instance where an online business owner is being negatively affected in their search engine optimization needs. The SEO reports will give a listing of where the site is listed and what reviews exist. This type of information puts the business owner in control of their marketing needs.