How Unverified Google+ Page Removal can be Corrected with SEO Business Reports?

It is very common for online business owners to lose track of where they are making an online presence. They are no longer following the SEO results and efforts that may have been implemented in the past. This can be dangerous when it comes to good search engine optimization. There are solutions for this however, and these are free SEO business reports.

These reports if done properly by a reputable company offer a concise report on what directories the business is listed in and what reviews are present on the web concerning the business. This is valuable information because it allows the business owner to make some important SEO decisions as well as provides constructive feedback from your customers.

Most online entities follow the track for whatever Google is doing because their platform is imperative to the success of SEO. Recently Google has announced they will be removing Google+ pages that are not associated with the accounts of the users and those which have not been verified or duplicates.

If a business is not aware of their online presence on a Google+ page they don’t know whether they should take any further action to remain part of the platform. Those that are using SEO business reports can check to see if they are listed and then take whatever action they need to make sure they are not removed.

What potential effects can a page removal have for my business? If your page is unverified but has reviews and images, your map presence will be removed and you will no longer be able to respond or track reviews that are initiated through Google. Your online search engine rankings will drop as businesses with perhaps the same name but with a verified Google+ page will now show up at the top of the list. On map searches your business will not show up with a pin any longer and customers may be unable to find you if they are only using a map function and do not have a direct address. These are all negative effects that can be avoided if a SEO business report service was used and the oversight was caught and rectified.

While there are paid SEO business report offerings there are also some excellent free SEO business reports. Some are better than others so you want to be sure that if you are going to take advantage of this offer, then you should choose a reputable company to provide them.

Of course it is natural to be hesitant to accept anything that is free. In some cases these valuable free reports are offered so that if a need for marketing is discovered through the reports then the user will utilize the marketing services of the report provider. This really is a win-win situation.

Every business has got to stay on top of their search engine optimization for both on page and off page. These free SEO business reports are an easy way of tracking the off page SEO. This allows a business owner to determine where they have a strong presence both local and nationwide and what they need to do to increase this presence if they are weak in any areas.

There are constantly new business directory listing venues appearing on the web and every business should be aware of these and have some form of tracking such information. The ideal resource for this is the SEO business reports. Any report when it comes to how a business is progressing is extremely important to the stability and growth of the business.