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How to Plan a Seasonal Digital Marketing Campaign

For some businesses, seasonal sales represent nearly 30% of annual sales.

Seasonal events are a great way to engage and re-engage your customers with human-to-human connection, shared interests, and offers.

However, just because there’s a season to recognize doesn’t mean that any campaign will earn sales. Even if the holiday puts people in the buying spirit, it’s not a guarantee that they’ll buy from you.

A seasonal digital marketing campaign that is strategic and focused  helps to get results.

Let’s explore how to create a campaign that works.

1) Choose the Right Season

When exploring a seasonal marketing opportunity you should first ensure that this is a seasonal event built around a holiday that matters to your target customers.

If your target audience doesn’t really get into Earth Day, Easter or Veteran’s Day, these are probably not a good fit for you. If they do, there’s your winner.

Find holidays that you know your target cares about and begin developing your annual strategy as soon as possible to target those events.

2) Review What’s Worked

If this is your first seasonal digital marketing campaign, then you may be limited. Still, you can gain insight from previous campaigns.

Review the campaigns you’ve done over the last few years. What made them successful or lacking?

Which social media channels did these campaigns utilize? What kind of content did you create?

What was the overarching message? Did you run out of money on your Adwords campaigns?

If they worked well, do something similar but with updated content. If they didn’t, it’s time to try something different.

3) Determine Your Message

What story do you want to tell? How will you connect with the emotions of your target audience that surround this holiday? What specific call to action will help you close a sale?

If your target doesn’t yet know you, use this opportunity to show them who you are and how you care about the same things they do.

4) Decide on a Schedule

Consistency is key to any campaign. Determine everything that needs to be done for your campaign and create your editorial calendar well in advance. How and when everything rolls out is just as important as the content itself.

If you’re not familiar with your target audience, do the research to determine their online habits and plan accordingly.

Don’t get stuck mid-campaign not knowing what to do next. Plan, execute, analyze, adapt and stay on schedule.

5) Craft Your Distribution Plan

Which distribution platforms will you use? Should you be everywhere? Or should you focus your efforts in 2 to 3 places where you can make the most impact?

Determining this will largely revolve around who your target is and where you’ve found success in the past.

Create a Seasonal Digital Marketing Campaign That Works

A holiday is a great time to plan a campaign. It gives you an opportunity to connect and show you understand your target customer. Using an appropriate strategy is key to developing and executing an effective campaign.

To learn more about how we can help you create seasonal marketing strategies that work, request a free quote today.

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