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6 Shockingly Easy Lead Generation Marketing Strategies That Work in 2019

Your small business demands a massive amount of your time. If you are not getting the leads you want, it can feel like your business is sinking.

Your lead generation marketing is crucial to the strength of your business. Tight budgets and less-than-tech-savvy staff might make you think this is a huge hurdle. Good news is, it is not!

Keep reading for 6 easy and cost-effective strategies that can pay off in a big way.

1. Email Marketing Automation

Email – the old pro. It is been a staple of e-commerce for the last 23+ years. This tried and true method of sales leads generations might have been around a while but that does not mean it has not adapted.

Email automation is an effective tool to send highly targeted emails to your customers based on region, gender, birthdays, and buying habits; essentially any metric you desire! It captures user data to use in future marketing, so it pays off exponentially over time.

The best part is you do not need a huge staff to operate it. Follow-ups are automated to increase your revenue and loyalty. It also collects hard metrics for your marketing team to find where the gaps and bottlenecks are so everyone is accountable.

2. Generation Marketing with Podcasts

Podcasts are extremely niche. There is literally one for everything – over 700,000 of them and counting!

Podcast listeners are much more engaged because they have chosen to download the content. Because of how niche they are, your business can find the perfect podcast to send laser-focused marketing materials to the audience as a sponsor.

They range in size and reach so finding one to fit your budget is extremely likely.

3. Microsites and Blogs

A growing number of brands have adopted the use of a blog or microsite.

A blog can be a page within your website to display industry tips and advice.

A microsite is a separate entity run by your brand but separate from your business. They can serve as inspiring calls to action or seek to target a particular type of consumer.

Xerox launched its now famous “Get Optimistic” campaign as a separate microsite to highlight problem solvers in their industry. It paid off massively, too, to the tune of $1 billion in lead generation!

4. Influencers

Influencers are not just limited to Instagram models selling weight loss tea. An influencer is anyone who has clout within your industry.

By sending them product samples and services you can potentially partner with them to energize your marketing strategy. The audiences influencers captivate are extremely loyal and respond to recommendations.

5. Post Consistently on Social Media

Every business most likely has a social media presence. Doing social media well is what can separate your brand. You should post consistently and share consistently. Sharing news relevant to your industry and not just your business makes you appear more genuine.

Make sure not to simply post about your business and how awesome you are but spark a dialogue with your followers. Social media should exist to put a conversational face to your business. You should always interact with your followers.

6. Add a Live Chat Function to Your Website

A chat window instantly engages your customers. It improves their customer experience and guides them to the correct destination.

63% of people say they are more likely to re-visit a website with a chat function and 38% made their purchase because of the chat feature.

A chat feature also tracks user habits and can offer incentives, like free shipping or discounts.

Simple Changes

These tips will undoubtedly bring you better results with lead generation marketing. With so many tools at your disposal, a focused strategy will bring you the highly valued leads your business needs.

Let us kickstart your new lead generation strategy today.

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