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Keep up the Marketing: 3 Ways to Use Your Platform to Keep Customers up to Date

You pride yourself on having a strong social media presence for your business, or so you think.

The reality is, it is not enough to simply be present on social media platforms. You also need to be active on your platforms. Most importantly, you need to be using these platforms correctly, which includes keeping your clients up to date on your latest information.

Not sure how to go about it? No worries. Here is a rundown on three ways a digital marketing company can help you to use your marketing platforms to keep your customers in the know.

Let’s get started!

1. Create an Event on Facebook

Perhaps you are not planning a specific event to take place in the coming weeks. Even so, when working with a digital marketing company, you should still be using Facebook’s event functionality to promote an upcoming sale, for example.

You could also use this feature to promote an upcoming Small Business Saturday celebration, when clients may be motivated to purchase your offerings.

The benefit of using the event feature is that this social media platform will keep reminding your clients that your event will be happening soon. This option will increase their chances of participating in your special sale.

2. Make Use of Hashtags on Instagram

When posting updates on Instagram, make sure that you include hashtags in every post. These hashtags are critical because potential clients may be clicking on these hashtags when included in other people’s posts, then find your post in the process.

Try to use hashtags related to the subject of your post. For instance, feel free to use #shopsmall to promote support for local businesses or use #summer if you are trying to sell special products or services during the summer season.

3. Take Advantage of Location Tagging on Twitter

While posting updates regarding your small business on Twitter, remember that your location does matter.

To make the most of Twitter’s location-related features, mark your business’s location when you post a brand-new tweet with the help of a digital marketing company.

This process will allow online users who are searching for information or offerings near your location to more easily find your content.

How a Digital Marketing Company Can Help You to Keep Your Clients Up to Date

If you are serious about keeping your clients up to date via social media, you cannot go wrong with our top-notch digital marketing company services.

We can create for your a comprehensive marketing strategy that will help you to reach your goals. Our plans are proven to increase a business’s digital reach and help them to maintain a robust online presence.

With our help, communicating with your potential and current customers can be easier than ever this year. We will target your desired audience and produce customized content to engage with your audience on the appropriate channels.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how our digital marketing company can take your overall marketing strategy to the next level this year.

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