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Are you looking to improve your lead generation?

Leads are the lifeblood of any business. If you want to succeed you need to make sure you are filling up your pipeline. Yet, if you struggle to know how to generate leads better, it can be hard to know where to start.

Do not worry we are here to help! Read on for these effective tactics for improving lead generation.

Use Email Marketing

You start email marketing with an offer in exchange for a user’s email address. Then create a targeted list of these email addresses of prospects you think could be leads. Keeps you fresh in their minds with email marketing campaigns.

It is important you make sure your product/service is the right fit for your prospects. It is a great opportunity to research your prospects in-depth to learn more about them. It will help you put together more personalized email campaigns.

Email marketing is great for lead generation. Make sure you have an opt-in strategy. The first step to email marketing success is to have subscribers that are happy to hear from you.

It is also useful for following up with and nurturing prospects, leads, and customers. It is important to stick out in people’s minds. This way you can reach them when they are ready to make a buying choice.

Use Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC advertising is another great option for boosting lead generation. These are ads you pay for that appear at the top of search results for set keywords and phrases.

These ads use these keywords, like SEO. You will need to work out which ones you want to use in your campaigns. Searches for these keywords and phrases will trigger your ads to show up at the top of the results.

It operates on a bidding style system. You bid on the amount you are willing to pay for every click to your website you get from any of the given keywords.

Like with SEO, you want to focus your efforts on long-tail keywords. The more specific you are with the keyword, the less competition you are likely to face. As such, the less you will pay for each click you get.

Your bid and your quality score will be what determines where your ads place. As soon as you launch your campaign, your ads can start generating traffic. You will only pay when a user clicks on one and gets taken to your website.

PPC ads attract qualified traffic, which are users more likely to convert. PPC visitors are actually 50% more likely to convert than those from organic searches.

They are effective because you target users who use search phrases with clear intent. Users looking for a specific need are closer to the conversion stage.

Focus your website on Promoting Your Content

A lead magnet is a piece of content you believe users are going to look for. It is the reason they are visiting your website. To generate more leads, you need to make sure users can find your lead magnet with ease.

You can do this by promoting your lead magnet content around your site:

  • Promote relevant lead magnets in blog posts and other pages
  • Highlight as the primary call to action on your home page
  • Use a lead generation pop-up
  • Create a library of resources that you fill with gated content
  • Include a lead generation hello bar that’ll sit at the top or bottom of your site
  • Promote your lead magnets in sidebars

Set up on-site funnels that will segment your audience. Then push them towards the lead magnets that will most likely resonate with their needs.

Have Consistent Social Media Presence

As well as regular blog posts, you should get into the habit of posting on social media on a regular basis. Sharing content on social media increases brand awareness and visibility.

Build a loyal customer base by sharing valuable content for your target audience. Social media is about people-to-people relationships.

You want to get to know your audience by engaging with them and sharing content. Human interaction and relationships are key to significant lead generation success.

Social media is all about dialogue. If you are only sending out statuses about how good your company, you’re not using it right.

The goal should be to interact with users, and to show them how good you are. Help them and consider content they will enjoy or find useful. Build a conversation and a community with your audience based on communication.

Learn About SEO

It might surprise you but only 10% of users go past page 1 of the search results. No matter how well designed and informative your site is, it can be hard to get it out there to potential leads.

Due to this, SEO continues to be one of the best lead generation strategies you can use. Especially if you are an online business, B2B, or even a B2C business. It is not always easy to understand how to get SEO working for you.

The first steps should be utilizing the tools available for you. Most website builders will have SEO optimization tools, for example. As you go along, keep search engine visibility at the front of your mind.

As a basic starting point, make sure your website:

  • Gives good, relevant, and helpful information for your audience
  • Provides answers to questions your audience ask often
  • Has clear, concise written content

You can learn SEO for free, but if you have high competition and want to stand out, consult with SEO experts. Also, invest in content marketing by employing SEO-aware writers. In most cases, having SEO driven content should be enough.

Boosting Your Lead Generation Made Easy

So there you have it! If you follow these tactics, you will boost your lead generation in no time. Most businesses already have high value content that could attract leads. The issue is making sure that they can find it. PPC campaigns, email marketing, and social media are all excellent for grabbing attention and bringing leads to your site.

If you want to generate more leads with your marketing efforts, contact us today at eGlobal Web Solutions. Whether you want to expand your reach locally, nationally or globally, we have the tools to get you in front of your audience.

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