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2021 Guide to Ecommerce Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the tools you have at your disposal for your marketing strategy. It is also one of the essential techniques that can help you bring more customers.

This process is even more so for eCommerce businesses. After all, it is the primary medium that you can use to touch base with customers regularly.

As a glue that holds the business together, emails come to customers as transaction emails and notifications. Today, we will look at eCommerce email marketing and learn of its importance to your business. We will also look at some pointers on making it practical and helping you get more customers.

Defining Ecommerce Email Marketing

Email marketing is a method used in digital marketing. In this case, you use emails to reach customers and get in touch. When you look at it with eCommerce in mind, it is using email to generate sales for your business.

The approach comes as simple as sending an email to people with abandoned shopping carts in your online store. It can also be in the form of email campaigns to notify customers of new products or promotions. The email works as your medium or instrument to establish connections and build the relationship between you and the customer.

Through it, you can use email campaigns as a way to generate and nurture your leads. It allows you to follow-up on customers. Thus, giving you a chance to get more sales as they buy more from your stores.

Plotting Objectives for Email Campaigns

The importance of email marketing for eCommerce is due to how it lets you get more new customers. All while keeping in touch with your current ones. With this in mind, you can set up your objectives to follow this line of thinking.

Writing emails without a strategy in mind will end up creating campaigns that bear no relevance. This results in either a low click rate or increasing unsubscribe rates. Plan out your email campaign and consider putting some objectives.

You can try out these objectives for your email marketing strategy. These can give you a goal to strive for once you start pushing for the campaign:

  • Introducing your company and its unique selling points
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Strengthening customer connection and communication
  • Boosting sales and increasing conversion rates
  • Gaining new customers
  • Providing information to customers (such as special offers, etc.)
  • Gaining feedback and review

Having defined objectives can help you establish your target KPIs. This way, you can measure how much you succeeded with your marketing campaign. This option also allows you to tailor the campaign to suit your needs.

Ways in Making Effective Ecommerce Email Campaigns

Among the strategies that you can use, consider the following when conducting campaigns. These are some of the ways that can help you boost sales for your business:

  • User onboarding to help ease new customers with a great start.
  • Lead nurturing to encourage them to buy more.
  • Upselling to provide new offers.
  • Cross-selling to offer items that complement their order.

With these approaches, you can engage with customers more. Combine these with quality content to make it effective and professional.

For that, be sure to take your time with your content, making it personalized and timely. By taking your time in constructing your emails, you avoid mistakes. Conduct A/B testing to compare different types of content and see what you can improve before pushing through with the email campaign.

Email Types You Can Use

You have different kinds of emails that you can use for your campaign. Each one has a different set of content and layout based on the purpose of the email. Despite this, you have three main categories of emails that you can send out:

  • Transactional Emails
  • Automated Emails
  • Marketing Emails

By function, transactional emails go to customers after they act. Good examples of these are confirmation emails, verification emails, and so on.

Meanwhile, marketing emails tend to pop up with promotions and offers. They get sent out in bulk to subscribed customers, informing them of new sales and discounts.

Automated emails are a different matter. They get sent once customers hit milestones. You can automate them in different ways based on the customer’s data.

Good examples of automated emails include welcome emails and anniversary emails. An excellent way to use them is to send at least one in a week. You can use it for getting feedback or for notifying.

Advantages Gained

When executed well, eCommerce email marketing can help you build ongoing customer relationships. It also boosts your sales and increases conversions. On top of that, you also manage your brand reputation.

This way, email marketing pushes your business further towards growth and profit. It is a digital marketing tool that provides you a good ROI.

Getting Started with Ecommerce Email Marketing

To have an effective email campaign geared to eCommerce, you need to have the right tools and strategies to enhance it. For eCommerce email marketing software, please take note of its features and the cost of the device. Please pay attention to its other features and its ease of use to ensure better results.

Consider using tools such as Sendpulse, Hubspot, or Getresponse. These work great as email marketing platforms for your eCommerce email marketing campaigns.

Do you see the process as overwhelming? Consider calling for assistance with your digital marketing.

Step Up Your Ecommerce Email Marketing Today

With eCommerce email marketing, you can increase your sales and get more customers in the process. It is an essential component for your online business, especially when used in concert with the other digital marketing tools at your disposal. What it needs is the right combination of effective email marketing tools and methods.

To ensure that you succeed in this venture, we have our digital marketing services available to try out. You can contact us today to know more about how we can assist you and bring your business to success.

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