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Why and How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Many people think email marketing is an archaic kind of marketing and may not be as effective as other kinds. However, your email marketing list is one of the essential parts of your marketing strategy.

It is a way to directly connect with your audience in ways that may not seem possible.

Sure, it is possible to purchase email lists for marketing. However, you can also grow it naturally. To learn how to do that, just keep reading below!

A Good Email Marketing List Supports Your Entire Marketing

Many people think that email marketing is a tired and ineffective form of marketing. However, it is actually one of the most influential and surefire ways to generate brand loyalty and grow your audience. With a good email marketing program, you can grow your business several times over!

In the same way that people enjoy receiving a letter addressed directly to them, they also like to see things in their inboxes. They never know what may be inside one of those emails — it could be special offers, letters, or anything else! That innate curiosity leads people to open your emails.

The content inside of your newsletters and email offers then leads people to click on them. It naturally drives people to your website, where you can funnel them towards your products and services!

Email Helps You Directly Connect With Audiences

The best thing about email marketing is that it directly connects you with audiences. Other kinds of digital marketing, such as social media marketing or PPC, can seem impersonal and stand-offish.

People are aware that these kinds of marketing strategies are not tailored specifically for them.

However, email marketing is different since it shows up directly in people’s inboxes. People who open them know your emails were created with them in mind. Since they know that they are being reached directly, they are more likely to engage with it.

When it comes to email marketing, it truly is the thought that counts!

Give Audiences Several Chances to Sign Up

The best way to grow your email marketing list is to give your audience several chances to sign up. Some companies only place their sign-up form on their homepage or inside a contact page. However, nothing is stopping you from putting a sign-up link in both places. Keep it simple!

You can also put sign-up links inside your content, especially if you have a blog on your website. Companies can also put sign-up links for their newsletters on product pages, offering special deals and promotions for people who sign up.

Do not just put your sign-up forms in one place on your website, and hope for the best! Ensure that wherever your audience goes, they will have a chance to hear more from you through email!

Do Not Just Have Sign-Up Forms on Your Website

You should not just have sign-up links on your website, but you should post them in other places too. If you have a strong social media following, don’t be afraid of letting your audience know about your email offers. If they follow you on Facebook and Twitter, chances are they want to follow you on other platforms, too!

You do not need to funnel people to your sign-up forms directly. You can couch your email sign-ups in related content, such as blog posts. Companies can even reply to tweets, encouraging people to sign up if they want to see more popular content.

Pop-Ups Can Tell People About Things They Will Miss

Many users may complain about pop-ups on a company’s website, but they are effective ways to build up an email marketing list. You can show them when someone first logs into your website or is about to leave it. And best of all, you can set specific conditions to turn them off.

With pop-ups, people will be given information that they would otherwise miss if they’re just on your website to shop. That information can lead people to special offers or similar products. And best of all, you can set them to avoid annoying users.

All you need to do is turn them off if a person has visited your site before. You can also set them to show up after certain conditions, such as before purchasing something or when people read through a blog post.

Offer Special Deals for Special Subscribers

Money is the best way to get people to sign up for your email list, hands down. Simply offering special deals and promotions can grow your email list several times since people will always want a chance to save money. If they are on your website, they are likely already interested in your products.

Tell people that they can get a certain percentage off if they sign up for your email on your sign-up form. It will generate interest in your email list, help spread it across social media, and give you a loyal audience!

After-Post and In-Line Sign-Up Forms Reach Interested Customers

Sign-up forms can be placed in strategic positions where people are most likely to engage with them. Some of those places include after articles on your website or in between paragraphs. They can also show up alongside product listings as if they were a product themselves!

These are areas where people are already actively engaging with your content. By offering your email list alongside this kind of content, you increase the chance that people will engage with it too.

Brag About Your Followers to Grow Them

People naturally want to be a part of a group, and that includes social media. If you show off your newsletter’s size, people will inevitably want to make sure they are not missing anything. Simply put, high follower counts will lead to even higher follower rates.

The same is true for your email list. Showing the millions of people on your list will encourage people to join it, just to make sure they are not missing anything. So just write “join the millions of people hearing from us” on your sign-up page, and you will see the list snowball!

Growing Your Email Marketing List is Worth It

Your email marketing list is an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. It is how you connect with customers and grow your brand — it’s more personal than social media or PPC. With this unique kind of marketing, you can have a meaningful impact on your audiences.

They can convey messages that are otherwise hard to say. You do not need to prepare your email marking materials yourself. Just reach out to us if you want to get started and grow your email marketing list!

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