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How to Build a Targeted Email Marketing List

Are you using email marketing to reach out to your target audience effectively and efficiently? This type of marketing is a great way to retain your customer base by sending them special offers and other exciting announcements.

However, to successfully carry out this strategy, you will need a targeted email list of subscribers. For some tips and tricks on how to build an email subscriber list from the ground up, keep reading. Get working on your subscriber list today to generate tons of quality leads.

Create Captivating Captures

The best place to start getting subscribers is your website. A great way to do so is to create pop-ups and CTA’s (call to action) that will encourage your website visitors to sign up for your email. On your homepage, add a pop-up feature that offers website visitors a perk for signing up for your email newsletter.

This offer could be a discount on their first purchase or a guidebook to help people looking for your services. Additionally, if you have a blog, post a CTA that leads readers to sign up for your newsletter for additional related content or a free toolkit or checklist related to the blog article. This option gets people engaged with your brand while also allowing you to grow your subscriber list.

You can simply end your blogs with a CTA, such as, “Click the link to download a free guidebook,” and then sending them to an email form. You could also offer other exclusive content, such as an e-book, a video course, or a fun quiz. Your email sign-up will feel helpful and valuable rather than feeling like a sales pitch by offering your website visitors something they need or are interested in.

Pitch Your Email on All Digital Platforms

In order to grow your email list, you need to market your email newsletter on your other online forums. Think about the other places that you have a network, such as your social media channels. Consider sharing content from your email on your social media channels and let your followers know about your email newsletter and what it offers.

You can lead your followers to sign up for your newsletter by including a link to your email sign-up form and letting followers know they can receive more of this awesome content when subscribing. You should also include your email sign-up form in your email signature to make it easy for those that you communicate with to sign up.

Encourage Referrals

One of the best recommendations that customers can get is the ones that come directly from the people they know and trust. If your email subscribers are happy with your content, you should encourage them to share it with their friends or family members, who may also benefit from your content. You can encourage these referrals by making your subscribers special offers.

Offer both your current subscribers and those that they refer a bonus, such as a discount, free item, or a coupon for signing up. Using the subscribers who already love your content to grow your audience by finding more people that do is a great way to generate quality leads.

Reel Them in With Webinars

Webinars are especially great marketing tools for those in industry-related or B2B businesses. You can promote your webinars on your social pages and emails. Offer the exclusive webinar via email so that you can capture subscribers who are interested in this valuable and educational content.

Your webinar should be a quick yet info-packed video that features you or someone on your team to create something educational or instructional. This content could be marketing advice or a video on how to get started in your industry. This option is a great way to show subscribers that you are an authority in your field, which will help build brand trust.

If viewers gain value from your webinars, they are more likely to trust your products or services, turning viewers into paying customers. When marketing it, let people know it is a time-limited offer or that there are limited spots available to create some urgency with your webinar.

Partner With Influencers

Working with influencers is a great way to drive conversions, both to your site and your email newsletter. Many influencers build their following because they are thought leaders or experts on a particular subject. Find an expert in something related to your company, as they will already have a following of individuals interested in your industry or solution.

Partner with an influencer to get featured on their social channels or to have them promote your solutions. For example, an influencer may mention to their followers that they got a lot out of your free e-book and can let their followers know how to get their own – by filling out your subscription form. Loyal followers will trust that they can benefit from your content just as much as their favorite influencer did.

Building an Email Marketing Subscriber List

Email marketing can be an excellent tool for connecting with customers regularly. However, you need a targeted list full of quality leads in order to make your email marketing campaigns worth the time and effort you are putting in. Keep these tips and tricks in mind to grow your subscriber list starting today.

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