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The Four Keyword Match Types in Google Ad Words Matter

Digital marketing can consist of a complex mixture of different techniques to reach individuals on their mobile devices. It often involves using diverse marketing materials and strategies, including social media, paid and organic marketing, and search engines.

Social media strategies may be successful because they can refine users to the point where you can be confident your message is hitting the right audience. Search engines, on the other hand, require users to create the right combination of keywords to showcase your business. But to craft great keyword combinations, you must also know how Google match types operate.Despite the SERP (search engine results page) being the same, you need to take different approaches when searching for SEO and PPC keywords. For a PPC campaign, it’s crucial to understand keyword match types and pay attention to keyword CPC and search volume. For local SEO, the main metrics to look at are keyword search volume and keyword difficulty. Therefore, local SEO strategies can be far more effective if you understand these keyword match types and how they can impact the traffic generated for your website.

The three keyword match types that Google uses are:

Broad Matches

Broad matches are the simplest form of keyword match types. This is the default match type and the one that reaches the largest audience. It can include a phrase, any variation of the phrase, related searches, and other relevant variations. When selecting a broad match, your website may appear whenever a user searches any work in your key phrase, in any order.

Broad match types are useful for getting a lot of clicks, but the quality is often sacrificed for quantity. Your website may show up for a variety of terms that may not be relevant.

You can set up negative keywords to prevent your business from appearing in searches unrelated to your business or with low converting potential. This strategy can make broad matches work better for your business and your marketing efforts.

Phrase Match

A phrase match tells Google that the phrase must be included in the search to trigger the ad, although Google can add additional terms before or after the phrase. It dictates that the phrase must be present in a precise order to trigger the ad, which can further minimize irrelevant traffic from your advertising. The phrase match can be limiting, especially for those unfamiliar with how search engines function. You may also be missing out on common searches that may lead people to your business, although this may be mitigated by using negative keywords.

Phrase matches offer a balance by giving you some of the versatility of a broad search but with a higher level of refinement. Google has also expanded the phrase match option to include synonyms or close variants of your keyword.

Exact Matches

Exact matches give you the highest amount of control, as part of a specific paid ads campaign. Google will only show your ad when the exact keyword is entered with this match type. There may be a few exceptions to account for pluralization or common spelling mistakes during searches, but aside from that, exact matches must be present to trigger the ad.

As a benefit, conversion rates are often high with exact matches since you have narrowed your audience substantially. However, you may have less web traffic and overall impressions. You may also not be appearing in many similar or related searches, which could decrease the efficacy of your advertising.

Match types have a significant impact on the performance of your digital marketing efforts. When determining your match types, you may want to consider your historical keyword performance, how competitors function with different match types, and how to structure accounts for different match types. Doing so can help you to better craft your digital marketing strategy for both your organic and paid advertising campaigns. For additional information on Google match types and local SEO strategies, contact eGlobal Web Solutions today!

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