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How to Maximize Your Social Media Marketing ROI

Did you know that Facebook has almost 3 billion users? That’s billions of eyeballs that could be viewing your ad, looking at your logo, and buying your products or services.

Facebook is just one of the many social media marketing platforms you can use for digital marketing. Social media ads are versatile, targeted, and effective.

The only problem is that all your competitors are also likely to use successful social media marketing campaigns. If you maximize your social media marketing ROI, you will have to understand the ins and outs of social media.

That includes knowing how to use video marketing, audience targeting, and more. Getting familiar with these unique aspects of social media marketing will help you edge out competitors without breaking your marketing budget.

The article below contains a list of ways that you can get the most bang for your buck when using social media marketing. You can use the social media marketing advice in this post to drive leads, revenue, and visibility for your business.

Continue reading to learn more about marketing your business on social media platforms.

Use Video in Your Advertising

When running social media marketing campaigns, your goal should be to get engagement. That engagement can come in the form of clicks, views, impressions, or form-fills. In order to get this type of engagement, your posts have to be interesting enough to force people to stop scrolling through their feeds.

Using different forms of media in your social posts will help you get people to stop scrolling. Video is one such media format that will help you drive engagement.

Studies show that videos on LinkedIn are 20x more likely to be shared than posts that don’t have video. If you’re spending money on social media marketing ads, you may as well make the ads as effective as possible.

Test Different Audiences

Targeting is one of the main advantages of social media marketing over other forms of marketing. If you know your audience, you can target your ads to get in front of the exact audience you want.

The best way to determine your optimal targeting parameters is to test different audiences. Use the same ad on different audiences and see which ad performs better. You can measure the results in a few different ways.

You can measure the amount of engagement with the post or the number of website visits resulting from the ad. If you have an eCommerce company, you can measure how many sales you made as a result of the ad.

When you’re thinking about how to create a target audience to test out, be sure to learn about all the different ways to set targeting parameters. You can target an audience based on their location and demographic data. It’s also possible to target audiences based on their likes and interests.

If you get deep into the world of audience targeting, you can even target a “lookalike” audience. A lookalike audience is an audience that shares attributes with people who visit your website or follow your brand’s page.

Develop a Strategy for Organic Social Posts

If you’re going to run social media advertisements, you’re going to have to spend money on them.

In order for these ads to give you a positive return on investment, you’ll have to drive more revenue than the amount of money you’re spending on each ad.

You can also create organic posts that don’t cost any money. You’ll realize an immediate return on investment if you get any leads or sales from these organic posts.

Be sure to develop a consistent schedule for creating organic social posts on all the major platforms. These posts may not generate as much engagement as your paid advertisements, but the posts don’t cost you anything. 

Consult With a Team of Experts

Social media advertising is nuanced. You’ll unlikely be good at it if you’ve never run social media marketing campaigns before.

You could bleed your marketing budget dry if you run ineffective campaigns for too long. Anybody unfamiliar with social media advertising should consider using a marketing firm to get better results.

Some people may shy away from this approach because marketing firms cost money. That is true, but the agency can make your ads more effective.

If the marketing firm can help you create more effective ads, you’ll quickly realize a return on investment from the money you’re paying the firm.

Pay Attention to Copywriting

While videos and images are effective on social media, you still need to have a strong copywriting approach. Test different headlines and body copy in every ad.

Be sure to write engaging copy that doesn’t found forced or overly formal. If you don’t have a copywriter on staff, it may be worth outsourcing your ad writing. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding freelance writers who will work for hourly or project-based wages.

Reviewing the Best Ways to Maximize Your Social Media Marketing ROI

The tips in the article above should help you stretch your dollars further when you’re running social media marketing campaigns.

These tips will also help you drive revenue, which you can then put back into your marketing campaigns as an investment in your business. When you’re ready to revamp your social media marketing to drive more business, be sure to get in touch with the marketing experts at eGlobal Web Solutions.

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