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Benefits of AI on Your Local SEO

Artificial intelligence capabilities have grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. Currently, the amount of data you can get from platforms like ChatGPT is astounding. But that is a benefit that only external users see. There is a lot that AI is doing behind the scenes to analyze the data and present it in a conversational tone.

Given the robust nature of modern AI, it’s no surprise that it can provide numerous benefits to local businesses wanting to improve their SEO results and increase their online presence. There are multiple ways AI can benefit your local SEO and company in general:

  1. Increased business/sales: SEO aims to attract greater business, which usually leads to more conversions. Many AI platforms can analyze conversations and interactions with customers to help you identify areas of your sales and communications techniques that are doing well or not, and then you can use that data to maximize your results. Knowing where things are going wrong can help you improve your strategy, likely leading to greater business and more sales.
  2. Targeted marketing: AI helps businesses identify and target specific demographic groups. This is done by analyzing patterns in user behavior and preferences. With the data analysis completed by AI, you can get precise information about the likelihood of any specific group patronizing your business. This data can help you craft targeted advertising far more likely to resonate with your intended audience. Knowing your audience and creating relevant advertising in this manner is one of the best ways to boost your marketing plan and promote local brand recognition.
  3. Automation & content creation: AI is now at a crucial juncture in its evolution, where it can meaningfully interact with humans. Therefore, it can be used to generate content that will attract more users to your website or platform. Having fresh content is one of the best ways to attract more customers to your company and help you become recognized as a brand leader. While AI can draft content, it’s important to remember that to achieve maximum efficacy, you will want to take the draft created by AI and put your personal spin on it. This technique allows you to present informative material in a way that will connect with the audience. It is also important to remember that several big search engines, including Google, prohibit the publication of autogenerated content, which means it’s a terrible idea to publish any content without first adapting it to your company and audience. Many AI platforms can also help you automate email marketing campaigns. With detailed analytics on the performance of these campaigns, you can continue to refine your strategy for maximum effectiveness.
  4. AI in keyword research: AI can enhance business productivity and efficiency in many ways. It can also increase the expertise and relevance of your company’s content by analyzing in-depth keyword research and how different words are used and understood by consumers. AI can then make recommendations on your use and placement of keywords to ensure that you connect with your current and future consumers meaningfully. This process can also do a lot to boost your visibility when it comes to keyword results and website ranking.
  5. Data analysis: One of the biggest benefits of AI platforms is their powerful data analytics capabilities, which show you areas of deficiency or suggest strategies to improve performance. Many of these platforms can provide meaningful data about a number of SEO-related activities, including:
  • Content planning and analysis
  • User data
  • Creating local knowledge graphs
  • Automation of Schema structured data
  • Optimization of interlinking
  • Content optimization on every webpage
  • Automatic optimization of meta-descriptions
  • Programmatic title elements
  • Optimized headings at scale
  1. Webpage structure: Websites aren’t appealing to consumers when they aren’t organized and don’t link to additional content consumers want. Some AI-powered platforms help publishers identify ways to enhance their site content by automating structured data, internal and external linking, and other web page factors that can impact the user experience. The better your user experience, the more appealing it will be for customers.

While AI has forced evolution in many industries, its capabilities are especially relevant for advertising and marketing purposes. Additionally, the technology continues to evolve at an incredibly rapid pace, which can leave many business owners feeling like they can’t keep up or don’t even know where to start when it comes to leveraging the incredible power of AI. To learn more about how you can implement AI solutions to enhance your local SEO, contact eGlobal Web Solutions today!

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