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2023 Google Core Algorithm Updates

Throughout the year, Google has released multiple core algorithm updates, which can significantly impact search rankings. This impact means it is vital for marketers and businesses to understand how Google algorithm updates can impact their ability to effectively reach customers by ranking higher in search results.

While Google performs regular algorithm updates, those completed in 2023 have a more direct effect on SEO as the search engine strives to deliver relevant, high-quality search results without all the fluff or filler that many articles contain. Understanding these updates can help marketers and businesses adjust their strategies to ensure their sites and content still rank high on Google.

An Overview of the Google Core Algorithm Updates

Throughout 2023, Google released three core algorithm updates. The first was in March, the second in August, and the last in October. Each time an update is implemented, it takes weeks for it to take effect fully. During this time, your search rankings can fluctuate wildly. You are likely not alone if you have seen dramatic changes in your rankings. The reason for the delay is that it can take days or even weeks for the web crawlers to reassess and index all sites.

During this time, you can monitor your site’s traffic and keyword rankings, giving you a good idea of the update’s impact on your content. This strategy also works well to identify areas for improvement. In the weeks after an update, it is common for lower-ranked pages to gain visibility and higher ones to slip in their rankings. In some instances, a Google core update may have no impact on your rankings at all. But if it does, some ways exist to mitigate the impact or recover your rankings.

Strategies for Weathering a Google Algorithm Update

Google generally releases multiple core updates every year to adapt to marketing strategies. These updates are designed to prevent sites from being able to cheat the system and use one strategy to ensure high rankings. Therefore, it’s difficult to say with precision how each update may impact your rankings. If you are concerned about keeping your rankings high, there are several strategies you can adopt after each Google core update to help you stay relevant.

  • Monitor performance: Since it can take weeks for the impact of a Google algorithm update to be fully determined, you must monitor your performance in the days and weeks after an update. Watching the site’s organic search traffic and keyword rankings is a good idea. Performance in these areas can help you identify areas in need of improvement.
  • Reassess your content: All Google core updates aim to provide users with the most useful results possible. Therefore, one of the best things you can do is provide valuable content that meets your intended audience’s needs. Stuffing it with keywords simply won’t cut it anymore. The keywords must be situated in relevant and timely content to remain valuable – and highly ranked.
  • Consider the user experience: Higher rankings aren’t 100% reliant on content generation. Technical aspects of your website are also considered, meaning you must also look at its speed, mobile compatibility, and indexing to ensure your overall rankings remain high.
  • Improve low-performing pages: If your rankings slip after an update, you will want to dig into the data and determine which pages are performing especially poorly. Once you have that data, you can identify the search terms that led the user to the page and compare the content to the question users are asking. If your content isn’t providing answers, you will want to spend some time creating more useful and accurate information.
  • Boost expertise and credibility: Besides content, Google also factors in a publisher’s credibility, experience, authority, and trustworthiness. Establishing and maintaining credibility and subject matter expertise is one of the best ways to ensure your rankings stay high throughout Google core updates. Maintaining this credibility often means staying on top of industry news and changes.
  • Be patient: The reality is that it can take months to recover your rankings after a Google core update. No magic bullets or quick fixes can help you recover more quickly. During this time, it’s vital to keep your eye on the prize and focus on improving your website’s quality and user experience. These strategies are the best way to get higher rankings and help you remain high during Google algorithm updates.

Google core algorithm updates will continue in the future. These strategies can help you keep your rankings higher throughout updates, positively impacting your ability to connect with your intended audience meaningfully. To learn more about Google core updates and how to recover after an update, contact eGlobal Web Solutions today.

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