Directories combined with your Google and Bing, search engine profiles, can account for a significant percentage of most web searches. Unfortunately, most businesses do not review or correct their web directory information, and this can negatively affect your page rankings and visibility. Many companies do not have a Google profile page established or claimed. A Google Maps profile page and Google plus page are the #1 way most business and their websites are found on the web. Web directories and search engine profiles are key to having your customers search for and contact you via the internet.

Give your business a fighting chance to be found by implementing the web’s most basic guidelines. For additional web directory plans or SEO and internet marketing programs for your business you can reach us at 888-818-9705 or email us at We hope to see you on the front page!

SEO / Website Analysis


1 Time Fee

Reports Include

  • Website Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Homepage Keyword Density Report
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Professionally prepared market data analysis and recommendation

Small Directory Clean-up


1 Time Fee

  • Correct up to 50 Directories
  • Provide log-in for all Directories
  • Correct up to 2 Review Directories
  • Set-up/Verify-Google
  • Detailed Directory Link Spreadsheet
  • Online Marketing Consultation

Large Directory Clean-up


1 Time Fee

  • Correct up to 100 Directories
  • Provide log-in for all Directories
  • Correct up to 3 Review Directories
  • Set-up/Verify-Google & Bing Profiles
  • Detailed Directory Link Spreadsheet
  • Online Marketing Consultation



1 Time Fee

  • Top Online Directories
  • New General Directories
  • Review/Local Directories
  • Set-up/Verify-Google/Bing profiles
  • Keywords Analyzer/Website Analyzer
  • Google Analytic, Webmaster Tools & XML Site Map,Robot txt
  • 30 Days Tracking, ID & Market Automation Platform
  • Detailed Market and Website Reports
  • Online Marketing Consultation

Website Hosting is an additional cost, with plans starting at $249/yr.

These plans will correct your Google, and Bing profile pages plus your top internet directories selected by elocal solutions.

YEXT Directories will be corrected UPON REQUEST ONLY with an overlay and will be not claimed. Upon continuing with a monthly plan of any size, your directories will be claimed at the rate of  5 / per month. In the event, you do not continue with a marketing plan with E-Local Solutions your unclaimed directories may revert to old information.

All tasks that require website access are subject to a client providing proper admin credentials. If we do not receive the appropriate information to log into the admin panels or the hosting company we reserve the right to perform offsite link building in place of the onsite tasks listed in this program.