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9 reasons you need a digital marketing strategy in 2019

Is your business struggling to gain a presence on the internet and social media?

Using the internet to gain business and recognition is a new concept to many business owners. Sure, we use it in our personal lives to keep in touch with friends, play games, and buy things, but can it really help reach your customers?

The answer is it absolutely can. We are going to discuss 9 reasons you might need a digital marketing strategy and why choosing an organized approach may work better than traditional advertising alone. Keep reading for more information!

1. A Digital Marketing Strategy Gives Direction

When opening a business, you must create a business plan to have an idea of your budget and goals. Opting for a digital marketing strategy is basically designing a business plan for your marketing goals.

After a strategy is in place, you, your marketers, your managers, and other employees will be on the same page. Your company now has the ability to act as a cohesive unit when recruiting new clients or customers.

2. Your Internet Presence is Non-Existent

Let this sink in for a moment: 84% of people trust online reviews AS MUCH as they do a friend’s recommendation.

If your business is not online, managing poor reviews, thanking positive ones, and growing its online presence, you are missing out on a huge market base. In fact, you not only lose the opportunity for local business, but there is also little opportunity for the rest of the world to discover your product.

In addition to simply managing reviews, keeping your followers up to date with your most recent products, recipes, or sale items will entice repeat and new business. This option is far less expensive and easier to achieve online than it is with traditional advertising media.

3. Small Budget, Big Payoff

When you choose to concentrate your advertising dollars on the local market, it can seem as though the money never goes far enough. Designing a targeted digital strategy will help you reach the exact customers you need.

Part of the reason that online marketing is far cheaper is due to the fact that there are no production or printing costs. Also, the distribution cost of traditional material is much higher–the cost of the distribution of digital marketing can be as low as free when people begin sharing your posts and content.

4. Results are Measurable

When speaking to account representatives from radio or television, they can give you an idea of reach–or the number of people that may see your advertisements.

Unfortunately, this reach does not mean that the audience is receptive to your product and does not guarantee that they will see or hear your commercials.

Contrarily, the internet provides tools that allow you to see exact statistics about the reach of your advertisements and posts. You can understand your target market better, including when they are online. You can also adjust the type of content and frequency of posts with a click of a button.

5. Little to No Waste

Don’t you hate when you print flyers only to have 500, 1000, or more left over? Or when you design the perfect pamphlet or brochure only to have new statistics or content within two months?

Often, this material cannot be reused and ends up as scrap paper. Aside from the fact that this practice is not environmentally friendly, you also waste large sums of money for these prints and designs.

Choosing a digital marketing strategy means that you can edit quickly and change dates, times, and other pertinent information as you need. Instead of people throwing away the flyers about an event, they can save the information to their calendars.

6. Conversion is Better

When listening to advertisements on the radio, there is a ton of information in a 30-second or 1-minute spot. There is usually a ‘call to action,’ with a phone number or website repeated in rapid fire.

If you are lucky, the audience does not change the station in search of music. You may reach a large audience but most will not pick up the phone or search for your business online. This reality means your name is heard but does not convert listeners to customers.

Online advertisements, blog content, and social media posts allow the consumer to explore your business. After exploration, your new customer can easily follow through with the ‘call to action’ by clicking the ‘contact’ or ‘call now’ button.

7. Mobile is Within Reach

90% of adult consumers keep at least one mobile device within arm’s reach. A well-planned digital marketing campaign takes these mobile devices into account and will optimize your website for the mobile user.

Mobile users have high rates of conversion. They will also switch to your competitor if the site is slow, there are lengthy forms to fill out, or they cannot access the information they are seeking (phone numbers/business hours.)

8. Content Marketing & SEO

If your business has an online presence at all, adopting content marketing and search engine optimization will come naturally. When you enact a digital strategy, small adjustments can be made to current posts and videos to engage users and increase visibility.

By optimizing your blog content, your business will rank higher in search results, which is important for two reasons:

  1. Up to 92% of searchers will not scroll past the first page of results
  2. People assume businesses on the first page are more trustworthy

Trustworthy companies are more likely to receive conversions than others that people perceive as scams.

9. The Best of Both Worlds

It is understandable if you are not quite ready to pull away from traditional marketing mediums. Luckily, digital media, radio, print, and television work well together and can increase your results infinitely.

You can tie all of your advertising efforts together by using both types of marketing, effectively reaching your entire audience.

Ready to Try Something New?

If you are not familiar with SEO or creatively posting to social media, fear not. Even to tech-savvy people, implementing a digital marketing strategy can be overwhelming.

When you are ready to see what digital marketing and well-developed strategy can do for you, contact us. We will help cover all areas of the digital world!

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