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5 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List for 2020

There is no doubting the importance of email marketing even for small businesses. Due to its low cost, it offers a bewildering return on investment.

For 80% of small and medium-sized businesses, email marketing is the most effective channel to acquire and retain customers.

No matter the size of your business, your email marketing list always has room to grow. The question is how. Thankfully, internet marketing services are equipped with tried-and-true methods to grow a bigger, better email list.

We are happy to share some of them with you. Ready to improve your company’s email marketing in 2020? Here are five ways to establish a formidable email list.

1. Create Multiple Landing Pages

When visitors interact with your PPC advertisement or a well-placed SEO result, they should find themselves on a relevant landing page. These landing pages serve many purposes in the marketing world, but primarily, they are all about conversions. This process can occur by encouraging customer conversions through an enticing deal or steering visitors towards the online newsletter and growing your email list to keep them moving through your sales funnel.

In short: Landing pages are powerful. They help customers self-select and lead them towards their desired purpose.

If your company offers more than one service, product, or goal, then it can benefit through the creation of specially-tailored landing pages.

Let’s say you have two distinct blog categories on your website: marketing and advertising. By creating two separate landing pages with different value propositions, you can appeal to these two types of visitors. This method improves the odds that your landing page CTA will ultimately land a conversion and grow your email list.

Best of all, you can use different sign-up forms to segment your email newsletter for better conversion results down the road.

2. Upgrade Your Content

Want to know how to build an email list? It starts with fantastic content. The secret is to refrain from putting the best articles out there for free.

You have written a superb article about the value of internet marketing services. It is so good, in fact, that your readers want more. Lucky for them, they can get access to an upgraded, in-depth article on the same topic by signing up for your email list.

Include this enticing value proposition in the call-to-action at the very end of the article. While it sounds like a simple list-building technique, it is more powerful than you may think. If your visitors read your blog post to its concluding CTA, then they are clearly interested in the topic and value of your content.

Asking them to join the newsletter for an article with even more detail? That is a small price to pay for more appealing content.

3. Use Shorter Sign-Up Forms

Yes, marketers thrive on information. The thing is, they do not need to collect it all up-front. Massive newsletter sign-up forms can tip the scales of perceived value and scare visitors away.

Once they have decided against signing up for the newsletter, it is going to be difficult to convince them to consider it in the future. That is why it is important to get the sign-up form right on the first try.

What kind of information should you collect? Aim for about two or three data points. You will want the email of course, and perhaps a personal or business name to deter bots.

If you are running segmented email campaigns (and you should), you may be tempted to have visitors personally select their interests. Remember, the more fields they must complete, the reduced chance of a successful sign-up. Use tailored landing pages and blog pop-ups to segment the list without manual intervention.

4. Run a Giveaway

Technically, there is a legitimate and effective way to purchase email list sign-ups. A giveaway sweetens the deal more than exclusive blog content ever could. But wait, aren’t these people just signing up for the chance of free stuff?

Sort of. However, they are still potential customers able of conversion. The secret is offering a prize that is relevant to your userbase.

If you are a website design company, do not give away a laptop because you have one sitting around. Instead, offer some supplemental website tools or a WordPress subscription. That way only relevant customers will join your newsletter and not those looking for a free computer.

5. Exhibit Different Types of Pop-Ups

Pop-ups have a negative connotation, but they are an indispensable instrument in your marketing toolbox when you are focused on building a powerful email list.

So, what is the secret? In general, consider keeping a newsletter pop-up on your site’s sidebar. It is a completely non-intrusive way to have a sign-up form available on every page.

However, you should make use of different types of pop-ups in varying scenarios. When a user is about to navigate off your site, display an exit-intent pop-up with a value-driven CTA. You can even retarget revisiting users with timed pop-up forms should they decide to return later.

Do pop-up forms really work? The answer is yes. According to research performed by Sumo, creator of a popular sign-up plug-in, the average pop-up conversion rate is about 3%.

That is not terrible. But it gets better. The top 10% of pop-up advertisements have about a 9% conversation rate!

Getting Started With Internet Marketing Services

If this all seems like a bit much, the good news is you do not have to go it alone. Internet marketing services can help your company build a robust, high-conversion email list. This type of partnership can pay for itself.

A bulky email list improves company reach, establishes a loyal customer base, and encourages a high volume of customer conversions. In short, you can expect happier customers — and a lot more of them.

Ready to get started? Whether it is local SEO, email marketing, or content management, we have the experience and expertise to grow your email list. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive.

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