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How Lead Generation Email Marketing Can Help You Close More Deals

Almost half the world’s population uses email. There were 3.8 billion people using email in 2018 and that number will grow to 4.4 billion users by 2023.

Email is one of the oldest internet technologies still in use. It is not as flashy as a lot of newer marketing channels but there is a reason it is still around – it works.

Let’s look at how you can leverage lead generation email marketing in your business.

Why Lead Generation Email Marketing Is So Powerful

One of the reasons email works so well is that it is a universal technology. It does not matter if your audience uses a Windows PC, a Mac, a smartphone, or any other type of device. They all work with email.

Despite all the talk about spam making it less effective, people still read their email. Modern email services do a good job of filtering out spam so your message is much more likely to reach its intended audience than it would have been a decade ago.

Email marketing also helps you build authority in your industry, especially when you provide valuable content in your messages.

Offer Value First

When you launch an email marketing campaign, your top priority should be providing value to your readers. Do not pitch your products or services in every message you send. Instead, provide the reader with information they can use whether they buy what you are selling or not.

Doing this will help you build authority so when a prospect needs something, your business is the first one that comes to mind.

Leading with valuable content also helps your audience get into the habit of reading your emails. That way, if you do send an offer, they are much more likely to read it.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Email Campaigns

Several tips will help you get better results from your email campaigns, including:

  • Target the right audience
  • Segment your email list
  • Send timely content
  • Automate your email marketing
Identify Your Audience

If you are using email for lead generation, the most important step is to target the right audience. There is no point in collecting leads that are unlikely to ever convert into paying customers.

Whatever traffic generation strategy you use to generate leads, whether it is social media, organic SEO, paid search, or anything else, do your homework before you roll out the campaign. Know your market’s demographics and make sure you are targeting the right people with your message.


Segmentation is one of the best ways to convert leads into paying customers. Segmenting your email list means separating it into sub-lists that are more targeted to specific topics or actions taken by those people.

For example, if you send an email with a link to an article about a particular topic, you can create a sub-list of people who click on that link. It is a safe assumption that people who click on the link are the most interested in the topic.

Once you have that sub-list, you can send it more related information and offers. The people who did not click on the link do not get those messages.

You can use various factors to segment your list, including:

  • People who opened (or did not open) a particular email
  • People who bought (or did not buy) one of your products or services
  • People who have not taken a particular action in a certain period of time
  • People who have viewed certain pages on your website

Almost any criteria you can think of can be used as a segmentation factor.

Timely Content

Sending information at the right time is another way to help you close more deals. This process could be as simple as sending an email to promote a limited-time offer or it could be more big-picture, such as sending content related to something going on in the world.

You can automate a lot of your email marketing campaign but do not let that stop you from sending customized messages when the time is right.

Automate Your Email Marketing

One of the biggest advantages of computers is how well they can automate repetitive tasks. Email marketing is no different.

You can use an email service provider (ESP) to automatically send email to your list on a preset schedule.

These services let you set up autoresponder messages that get sent automatically on a predetermined schedule when someone opts into your email list. You can collect leads on your website and the ESP will send the emails to those people without you having to do any work at all.

Once you write the email series and load it into the ESP, everything else happens automatically. These services let you send different autoresponder series to different segments of your list as well so even the segmentation process can be mostly hands-off.

Tracking Your Results

Once you have your email campaigns up and running, it is important to track the results. If you are not tracking them, you will not know what is working and what is not.

An email campaign could be profitable overall but there could be a step somewhere in the process that is not working. Fixing that step could give you a nice bump in your ROI without having to do any significant work.

If you are not tracking your results, you might never know and would be leaving money on the table.

Track everything you can think of, including:

  • Opt-in rate
  • Unsubscribe rates
  • Clickthrough rates in your messages
  • Open rates
  • Conversion rates

Where to Get Help With Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Lead generation email marketing is a great way to find new prospects and customers but you need to do some groundwork to get your email campaigns up and running. If you are looking for ways to improve your internet marketing strategy, eGlobal Web Solutions can help.

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