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8 Quick Email Copywriting Tips to Create Killer Copy That Converts

Email is still the best form of marketing communication for businesses. 47% of consumers prefer email to other forms of communications from marketers. The problem is that these messages are easily ignored if you do not grab their attention.

If you want to make sure your marketing emails get opened, you need to focus on your email copywriting skills. Just like other forms of content, there is a formula to emails that make people want to read them.

With good email copy, you can increase your open rates. Even better, you can increase your click-through rates.

What is Email Copy?

Email copy is the content you provide in your marketing emails. The immediate purpose is to promote your business and provide offers on products or services.

Your overall purpose is to build relationships with customers and generate leads. That is why it is so important to grab their attention with the content you provide. You want them to take advantage of the information you provide.

You also want your emails to promote brand awareness. This option reminds them of who you are and makes them want to work with you. It also works to bring in repeat customers.

To succeed in these marketing goals, you need to make your emails hard to resist. That is where your copywriting skills come into play.

Email Copywriting Tips to Make You a Content Pro

Email marketing allows you to stay in touch with people who have already shown interest in your business. You have already generated enough interest for them to provide contact info. Now you have to hold on to that interest.

To do that, you need these leads to want to open the emails you send. How can you do this? There are eight tips you can put in practice today to get started.

1. Personalize Your Emails

Personalized emails are about more than including their name. You need to provide information based on individual interests. That is where segmentedlists come in.

Segmented lists allow you to create email campaigns for different types of leads. You can send information that is relevant to them based on where they are in your sales funnel.

If you separate your leads, you can personalize subject lines and content that speak to their needs. Personalized emails can generate 58% more revenue than blanket email campaigns.

2. Create Compelling Subject Lines

Your subject line is the first impression the email makes on readers. The subject line should make them want to open the email. It does not matter how big your email list is if no one opens the emails.

A compelling subject line is one that is clear and action oriented. This subject line tells them what the email is about and what they can do with the information provided.

Your subject line tells them what value they get from the email. It is a preview of how you can make their life better.

3. Write to Your Readers Not About You

People opening marketing emails want to know how the content affects them. They’re more interested in what you’re going to do for them than in how great your business is.

This means writing the email to them, not about you. Use reader-oriented pronouns:

  • You
  • Your
  • Yours

Make sure these reader-oriented pronouns outnumber company-oriented pronouns. This process does not mean you cannot discuss your business. It does mean you need to direct more attention to your readers than to yourself.

4. Make the Content About Benefits

Remember, people want to know what you can do for them. You need to show how your promotions help them. Make them realize life is better using your products or services.

It does not matter how great your products are if they do not know how it affects them personally. Highlight the benefits more than the offers.

5. Clarity Comes Before Cleverness

Just as with the subject line, the content needs clarity. Your message needs to show exactly why you are contacting them and what you want them to know. This clarity is more important than clever wording if you want to keep their attention.

Remind readers how they know you,so they know why you are contacting them. Then explain what information you want to share with them. Give them a reason to keep reading and move to the next step.

6. Keep the Email Brief and Easy to Scan

You want to grab attention, not overwhelm readers with information. You need to get to the point in your emails. You also need to highlight the important points so they can scan the email.

Give them just enough information to take action. If more info is necessary, provide a link to send them to more in-depth content.

This process also means focusing your message to one call-to-action (CTA). Do not confuse them with multiple decisions. Make it as easy as possible for them to say yes.

7. Deliver on Your Promise

The easiest way to lose attention is to promise something you cannot deliver on. If your subject line promises a benefit, make sure the email copy delivers on that promise.

There’s no reason for them to click through to your offer if you don’t prove you can deliver what you say. Plus, not delivering on the promise undermines your authority. This decreases customer trust and loyalty.

8. Edit, Edit, Edit

Before you hit send on that email, check for mistakes. This process includes checking for grammar and spelling mistakes. It also includes checking that all links work properly.

80% of readers are negatively influenced by grammar and spelling mistakes. These mistakes give the impression you do not know what you are talking about, which can undermine your authority, once again reducing customer trust.

Bad links also undermine your authority. Plus, these links are the tools that send people to your offers. If your links do not work, you lose out on sales.

Plan Your Email Marketing Strategy

Your email copywriting skills are key components of an email marketing strategy. You also need automation and tracking tools to increase the ROI on your marketing emails.

Creating a good strategy takes time and attention to make it work. If you need help keeping up with your marketing emails, check out the email marketing plans available.

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